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*”Maschine”, “Battery 3″, “Traktor 12″, “Massive”,”Razor” are a trademarks of Native Instruments GmbH and is used only to identify the equipment and software without implying any official endorsement.

*”Ableton” is a trademark of Ableton GmbH and is used only to identify the software without implying any official endorsement.


  • Sound Design: George Poenaru
  • Demos: George Poenaru

The audio samples are made with Percussive for drums and percussive sounds, Massive and Razor for synth, Traktor 12 for synth processing.



Send me your soundsDescription

Percussive is a new unconventional sound pack designed for Maschine, Ableton Live 8 and Battery 3 owners. The sounds are recorded multi velocity from some unconventional and traditional percussion, then post produced and in the end, tuned in MASCHINE 1.7, Ableton Live 8 (in Drum Rack) and Battery 3. You’ll find some agressive and industrial sounds combined with traditional percussion. This sound pack:

  • 10 Drum Kits for MASCHINE 1.7, Abeton Live 8 and Battery 3
  • over 550 samples 24bit/44.1Khz

This sound pack can be used used in MASCHINE 1.7, Ableton Live 8.2.7 and Battery 3.2.3 or you can use the samples in your favourite drum maschine. If you don’t know about MASCHINE and never have had the chance of playing it, you should consider testing it or watch the videos on NI web site because it has a really nice work flow.

Buy and install

To buy it you should follow the next steps:

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  • finish the payment with paypal or credit card (credit card is an option supported by Paypal even if you don’t have a paypal account, so we don’t store any credit card information and also our store run over a secure connection)
  • wait for the download link

For MASCHINE, add the folder to your Maschine – be sure you added the path and ALIAS name as it’s written in the Read Me file – update Maschine User Paths – Done. You’ll find “Percussive” label in your Maschine sounds browser.

For Ableton Live, go to ‘File’ tab menu, choose the ‘Install Live Pack…’ and install the Pack you’ll find in the download link. You’ll find “Percussive” folder in your Drum Rack area from Ableton browser.

 Support and contact

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