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*”Kontakt” is a trademark of Native Instruments GmbH and is used only to identify the equipment without implying any official endorsement.


  • Sound Design by: George Poenaru
  • GUI Design: George Poenaru
  • Script programming: George Poenaru
  • Audio Demos and Video: George Poenaru

The audio demos are created with SKRUM, REDD and Absynth5 (for Underworld demo 1).

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Kontakt Library – Drums

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SKRUM is a drum library for Kontakt owners.  This Kontakt library can’t be loaded in an older version than Kontakt 5.0.2. In this library you’ll find some agressive and unconventional sample drums from Anamorphic, Percussive and Azalera, retuned in Kontakt under a GUI script. This GUI script gives you quick access to samples envelope, volume, pan, tune, compressor, filters, effects and also to a tape saturator.  The samples are arranged in the 16 pad configuration and you can easily modifiy the parameters for each of the 16 pad. Just choose the pad and modify parameters for that specific pad. You can also select a pad via MIDI and you can also easily remap the  assigned MIDI note for that specific pad. The channel strip of each pad it’s based on the  “SOLID” series effects from Kontakt 5, a truly great effects series. Another included feature is a programmable sequencer that can handle 8 patterns. Each of the 8 patterns can be triggered by MIDI notes and you also can remap the default notes assigns. SKRUM contain 20 drum kits and over 700 samples.

 Controls Panels:


Voice panel

Here you can modify volume, panorama balance, tunning, envelope, compressor parameters and the activity status (mute, solo) for the select pad.

Filters panel

Here you can add a low pass or high pass filter for the selected pad, modify the  cutoff frequency, filter resonance and the cutoff modulation amount received from the note velocity. You can also add EQ to your selected pad.

Effects panel

Here you can modify the reverb and delay return amount for the selected pad and you can also add a tape saturator on the main bus. The SKRUM reverb it’s based on IR’s and you can browse through 7 type of reverbs:

  • Ambiances
  • Chambers
  • Halls
  • Non Linear
  • Plates
  • Rooms
  • Spaces.

Buy and install

To buy SKRUM you should follow the next steps:

  • press the buy button to go to our store
  • add SKRUM product to cart
  • finish the payment with paypal
  • wait for the download email

After you mount the iso, copy the “SKRUM” folder in to your favorite location. You can load nki’s directly with double click or you can add “SKRUM” folder to your Kontakt 5 database. To do this go to “Preferences” – Data base Tab, add SKRUM folder to your database and press the “Update” button. Now you’ll be able to access SKRUM.

Support and contact

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