iMASCHINE SAMPLE PACKS produced by SoulViaSound

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*”iMASCHINE” is a trademark of Native Instruments GmbH and used with permission. Trademarks used only to identify the equipment and does not imply an official endorsement.



Expansive is an iMaschine sample pack which it’s built by resampling the drum kits included in the Anamorphic, Azalera, Pathfinder and Percussive sounds packs for Maschine. The original sounds packs contain much more samples, also the sounds are multilayer built with nondestructive FX processing. In this iMaschine pack, some of the nondestructive processing is preserved in the resampling process. If you own Anamorphic, Azalera, Pathfinder or/and Percussive you can simply fine tune the drafts created in iMaschine with the correspondig drum kit.

This library contains:

  • - 40 drum kits
  • - over 600 samples 16 bit 44Khz

Installation instructions:
1. Connect the iMASCHINE device to your computer.

2. Start the app on your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

3. Run iTunes and go to the Apps section of your device.

4. Put the into the documents folder of iMASCHINE in iTunes.

5. Restart iMaschine on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and now will show an import screen.

6. Now you can browse the sounds in User – Samples – iMounds, drum kits in User – Kit – iMounds and the project in User – iMounds

iMASCHINE SAMPLE PACKS produced by SoulViaSound